The benefits of football sport

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The benefits of football sport

                                                             Exercise can help reduce stress, increase physical and mental health, and exercise for long periods of time reduces the risk of long-term osteoporosis.

Football is the most popular and popular sport on the international level. It is practiced by everyone of all age groups because of its easy play and the great enjoyment it gives to those who practice it.

Despite the importance of football, there is a need to take care of the body after any sport activity. A football player makes a lot of effort during the game, which requires him to take care of his body and shower after the end of the game.

As for the benefits of football for the body is considered one of the best and most useful sports on the human body, whether mentally or physically. The practice of old-fashioned football for long and continuous periods reduces osteoporosis. Some studies by sports medicine experts have shown that people who played football before puberty had thicker, heavier bones in the leg and spine than those who did not. Football increases the density of metal elements in the bones. Research has shown that football is better than running long distances. The mechanical pressure that occurs during playing football increases bone mass in the legs and spine.

Also, the benefits of healthy football are that they work on the blood sugar balance of type 2 diabetics. Studies have also shown that the practice of football twice a week reduces blood pressure and improves the function of the heart, and researchers said that the practice of football for people who People with diabetes notice that they have low abdominal fat and can control blood sugar.

As for talking about the benefits of football for children, it is very much. In addition to the fact that the child feels the spirit of competition and how to work together and participate, it reflects many of the physical and mental benefits on the child and develops many skills inside. Many mothers believe that football is one of the reasons for failure. The children in the study, but this is a false belief that the ball has not entered the school level, but the problem in the regulation of play time and time only. If you want your child to have great health and strength, encourage him or her to play football because of the great physical and mental balance that will be reflected in your child’s health in the future.

The sport of football is a collective game that makes it easy to engage and interact with others, which helps the child to neglect while playing and make him a cooperative person. This will make him more able to communicate with others in the community and will learn to neglect personal desires in order to reach success and win.
The principle of football is based on winning or losing. This principle is similar to the many situations we face in life, so it compensates the child to accept the loss in a spirit of sport and also helps the child to control the urgency in the case of victory, which will make the child a balanced person. In itself

Other benefits of football

                                                            Football helps strengthen the muscles, especially in the buttocks and thighs, because football focuses on these muscles when moving and pushing the ball.
The exercise of old ball for long periods and continuous reduces the incidence of osteoporosis.
Healthy football works to balance blood sugar in diabetics. Studies have shown that exercising twice a week reduces blood pressure and improves heart function.
Football is a group game that helps to participate and interact with others, which helps to neglect the ego during play and make it a cooperative person of friends, it will make it more able to communicate with others.
Exercising a 60-minute football sport burns about 350 calories, as it increases your metabolism so you will also keep using extra calories for 48 hours after the game.
Soccer practice requires constant movement and jumping over barriers, thus helping to strengthen leg muscles.
Running for a long time improves the rate of blood pumping to the heart, which increases the strength of the heart, reduces the likelihood of hardening of the arteries, and saves the heart rate.
Jogging during the game helps pump blood into the brain, making the person feel happy and improve their mood.
A Swedish study showed that outstanding footballers are better off in many other activities, such as having the skills to use and analyze information from a peripheral perspective, as well as to assess probabilities. The study attributed the results to the fact that football players often have complex mental processes such as assessing the situation during the game, comparing possible steps with previous test results, and looking for new alternatives in a short time, thus enhancing their mental abilities. The study was based on 57 athletes and 26 athletes from the top three football teams in Sweden, and conducted mental tests that showed that the best players on the pitch had the highest scores in this test, compared to other players and many ordinary people. The study noted that football not only improves mental abilities, but also indicates that the stars of the game have special mental abilities since their birth.

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