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How do I get rid of grease in winter?

How do I get rid of grease in winter?

How do I get rid of grease in the winter? It bothers me and increases in the winter! Help me

Every winter, small fatty lumps gather in the abdomen, hips and sides. The reason for this is due to the tendency to eat heavily in this season, in addition to the lack of movement .. These are nine tips to avoid obesity in the winter and to remove fatty lumps especially in the sides

1) Get out every day at least once in the open air!

2) Move daily for at least half an hour! This activates blood circulation and makes the muscles relax and burn calories.

3) The fun of switching from hot bath to cold strengthens the immune system. When switching from hot bath to cool it stimulates blood circulation and strengthens immunity. While the bath removes muscle spasm.

4) Sleep enough! Sleep enough. The body in the winter months need to be added to the movement to rest periods.

5) Spice up spices and spices! Spices and spices such as cinnamon, mastic, saffron and pepper bring pleasure without increasing weight. In the winter, add more spices to your meals, making the food delicious and delicious.

6) Whole fruit instead of cakes and ghatoh Enjoy eating winter fruit; Pike, pineapple and oranges are rich in vitamins and their taste is very delicious and at the same time strengthens the immune system.

7) Take your vitamin D intake to eat too much fish! Salmon, herring and macarella in particular contain three fatty acids and vitamin D supplement.

8) Enjoy anything rather than watch TV and eat!
Work yourself with fun things that have nothing to do with watching television or eating. For example, immerse yourself in warm bath water and put some candles around you.

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