Stronger juice dissolves the rumen oil and saves you from water retention and swelling


The most powerful juice dissolves raspberry oil and saves you from the water retained and bloated exclusively on the magazine Rajim first in the world of fitness and slimming … .It suffers a lot of weight gain, but not all that increase fat and fat, but mostly because of unhealthy eating gases and bottled water may weigh Up to 7 kilo.

The juice is easy to prepare and tastes delicious and its ingredients are very simple.

The wonderful juice
Oud celery.

Apple yellow or red.

Half a tablespoon of honey.

An electric mixer

3 cups cold water


Cut the apples and celery stalks, add a glass of water, beat in the blender, and then add the cubes.

Half the juice and add the honey.

Two cups on the morning and a cup before bed.

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