Abdominal Slimming Program

Are you fed up with the fat in the abdomen, you want to get rid of it – now.

Of course you know that your belly has not expanded in one week .. so you can not expect to get rid of its size in that short time as well.

Just a week is the beginning to make decisions that will help you lose belly fat over time and reduce swelling.

You may actually feel a little lighter after seven days, but the real loss of fat may take a few weeks or months.

How to get rid of abdominal fat?
Abdominal Slimming Program

The fat in the belly “rumen” is an active type of fat metabolism – a term used to describe the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to produce energy in the body – located within the abdominal cavity, and surrounding the internal organs that make you susceptible to many diseases including heart disease And chest infections.

It may be that the fat accumulated on the abdomen is really serious but it is not impossible to lose this weight, the accumulated fat on the abdomen quickly respond to appropriate slimming programs, as a diet and exercise can solve this problem.

One Pound Pound – 0.453592 kgs has 3500 calories, so to lose this pound you need to consume 3500 calories without gaining more calories to your body, if you follow this system, that means you will You lose 1 kg of your body in approximately 4 days and this means you may lose 1 or 2 pounds of your body a week.

There are some people who can lose more than 2 pounds each week and exercise with a program to lower the abdomen and use programs to reduce fat in the body, but these programs are always dangerous and affect human health nutritionally.

The time and effort needed to lose weight in a short period is difficult and difficult even if it is possible, it may appear to you and imagine that you exercise through the program of belly fat has decreased your weight, but this is not true, what I lost is not fat, but from the fluids inside The body is more likely to return to normal and the body gains this weight again.

Program abdominal exercises:
Usually the fat accumulated around the abdomen is the first loss of the human body if he tried to exercise program to reduce the abdominal area, where the University Medical Rush shows this.

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