Green banana .. After a scientific study is the best fruit to lose weight

After 15 years of in-depth studies, a professor of biochemistry at Liverpool’s John Moores University, Rodney Belton, discovered amazing facts about what to eat and what to keep away from for leaner and better health.

At the top of the list of foods that are recommended to eat weight loss Banana green, because it contains enough resistant starch rich in soluble fiber in the body.

Bananas are unmatched in other fruits, as they are not stored in the body. Eating too much does not lead to any weight gain. It does not harm diabetics because it does not cause high blood sugar.

Eating green bananas also helps to lose weight. It stimulates the secretion of glucagon, which helps burn fat.

In his study, part of which was published by the Daily Mail, Belton stressed that bananas are more useful and effective when eaten and are not fully mature.

The Australian body science organization has recommended eating 20 grams of resistant starch a day for better health.

Among the foods recommended in the recent study are also vegetables, whole grains and fiber-rich foods.

The study also noted that eating 8 to 10 cups of water reduces the back pain suffered by 75% of people around the world.

Foods to keep away from
In order to have a healthy and healthy body, not only should you stay away from sugars, soft drinks and juices, but you should also pay attention to the methods of preparing meals in a healthy way.

For example, boiling the potatoes in water and kneading them releases 25% of the sugar inside it, unlike slicing into slices, which is unhealthy.

The conclusion is that boiling the fruits rich in carbohydrates and crushed them make them unhealthy, but eating them whole or cut into slices only is the best.

Among the culinary practices that should be kept in mind is the olive oil frying, which has been proven to overheat, causing toxic substances harmful to health.

Extra virgin olive oil is recommended for salads only and not for cooking.

In his study, he stressed the need to understand how to effectively get rid of hunger by adjusting the diet and allowing longer digestion time.

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