Rajim loses 3 kilos in 3 days linked to prayer times My personal experience

I will give you this experience, which was advised by a nutritionist and I tried it several times and was very successful with me and did not feel tired.

Diet 3 kilo in 3 days
They can be called the correct detox or remove the sesame over it’s diet.

First, why should we eat in the prayer times?
The specialist told me that some research proved that eating after the prayer by half the first hour after the prayer directly works to promote the burning and regulate the digestive system and it filters the blood wonderfully and gives a clear mind

The Basics of Detox
It depends on fruit for three days but in a certain way

The way is that after praying, your meal will be a fruit of a certain color and you will eat until fullness.

After Fajr’s prayer
Orange color only
After the noon prayer
Red fruit … and so after every prayer choose any color and eat until satiety …. It is important not to mix colors in meals.

Drink 3 liters of water
A cup of warm water, topped with a teaspoon of honey, is placed on top.

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