I lost 8 kilos in Ramadan without a diet and without exercise and the secret is

Lost 8 kilos in Ramadan without a diet without exercise and secret is what we offer you exclusively on the magazine Rajim first in the world of slimming and fitness in its own center for free slimming.

The secret of loss of 8 kg without diet
The share of the fruit does not exceed 200 g and is consumed as a meal between it and between each meal

Vegetables are 400 grams of 200 grams of raw vegetables by salad.

Animal protein 200 g cooked in a healthy way

Two tablespoons of olive oil or half of avocado are allowed in the day

Carbohydrate 80 g (Potato .. Islands .. Kashandar .. Pastries .. Bread … Oats)

Water is 3 liters and consumes two cups before any meal and cup at the last meal

A yogurt box with lemon drops in suhoor

Keep away from sugars and fries

Take a free day every week

Daily walk 30 minutes

Allow 3 dates or 1 tablespoon honey

If you follow these tips and apply them literally you will lose 8 kilos without fatigue

Sample day of breakfast

What is fasting?
Cup of water dipped in a grain pass (4 hours) + apple

(200 g) + zucchini soup and chicken (200 g) + grilled meat (150 g) + 2 sambousas in the oven (80 g)

after an hour
Fruit salad problem (100 grams) + grain pass

A box of yogurt + half a banana (60 g).

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