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Clean your body of toxins and lose 2 kilos

Clean your body of toxins and lose 2 kilos

As in the winter, you gain weight because you are too much to eat chocolate and other fatty foods. What is the solution? You need to purify your body, facilitate digestion and activate the detoxification function, thereby eliminating the extra weight your life takes on you.

Your liver is also saturated with fats and sugars and others and works at a slow pace, and this applies to your entire digestive system; you feel nausea, bloating and severe dizziness … This is normal because your body can no longer endure and did nothing in the last but the storage of fat.

What do you think of the detoxification diet that purifies the body and helps you lose weight fast, and restore your activity quickly and maintain good health?

Objective: Starting from a good start thanks to a nice cleansing of the body stretching for about a week. The diet includes cleansing, cleansing and purifying the digestive system to restore vitality and vitality. In this way the newly stored fat disappears, the organs work better, regain your vitality and vitality, you have a beautiful and brighter skin … Your immunity increases against various germs and infections.

• Principle: Eat a large amount of vegetables and fruits to stimulate the digestive system and extend the body with fibers and vitamins and minerals is very lacking. Sugars that supply the body with fiber and minerals can also be taken in very small quantities. You should also eat enough protein to not lose muscle mass or feeling hungry … Allow a very limited amount of fat. In contrast it is necessary to completely abandon the intake of sugar that does not come from the fruit, except for a small amount of honey AM. Finally, snacks should be a bit different (three snacks as a whole) to alert the stomach to fullness, thus eliminating the feeling of hunger or the desire to eat between meals.

• Effective diet: If you want to get rid of toxins quickly, by abstaining from eating, for example, your body will be subjected to many pressures and produce a large number of harmful free radicals. A healthy, balanced diet will help you get off the ground again, purify your body of toxins, and put it back on track to naturally start the process of detoxification.

• Practical: It is best to start this diet over the weekend, so you have plenty of time to prepare the soup and rest during the first 24 or 48 hours, because your body will respond to this sudden change in diet. You may also have to go into the bathroom regularly and suffer from painless diarrhea. If you wish to sign the day quietly, lying in bed, do not hesitate to do so.

Continue treatment for six to 10 days. Eat multiple types of vegetables, fruits, fish or white meat to avoid getting into the annoying routine that quickly discourage you. During the day you can take a few snacks to avoid the desire to eat between meals. Experts advise you to drink water regularly throughout the day, at least five small cups, and you can also use vegetable soup if you like.

• What then? Slowly return to your natural diet. Add some starches, such as bread at noon, and mix them in equal amounts with cooked vegetables (day after day for a week). Continue avoiding sugars and processed fats … instead, replace them with vegetables and proteins that contain a small amount of fat (fish, white meat, chicken, and red meat with a small amount of fat). You can also take mini-treatments that last for a day or two once you skip eating: so you will not regain the weight you lost.


• Water-rich dandelions that contain a few calories are a good friend of yours during your lean career.

• To enjoy a special taste you can add a slice of lemon juice to the cup of green tea.

• If you feel nauseous, drink a cup of black radish or berry juice in the morning, both of which stimulate liver and digestive functions. Beware the taste of black radish is sharp and tart so he does not like it much. If needed, initially dilute a little water.

• Add the mixture of fruit you eat in the morning with an ampoule of royal jelly, a little guarana and / or a little ginseng.

Vegetable soup

– Choose the vegetables that activate the digestive system and clean it: leeks, black radish, onion, asparagus, earthy. And to these types you can add what you want except starch.

– Cut the vegetables into medium-sized slices.

Add the water, a little hot red pepper and salt, some herbs (a bunch of parsley, for example) and some spices to taste, but do not use any greasy substances.

– You can put soup in the fridge, but not for more than two days, as well as you can eat vegetables cooked separately.

A perfect day


– A cup of green tea.

– A cup of soy milk with a small spoon of honey and an unsweetened salted coconut salad rich in oil (almond, nut, nut, pistachio …).

– a banana.

Before lunch

– Citrus juice (orange, lemon acid, Indian lemon or cilantine), or a cup of cold syrups, as well as half a cup of chilled red fruit.

– Three dried apricots or dried peaches.

the lunch

– Dish of homemade vegetable soup preparation.

– 150 grams of fish or chicken breast (steamed, boiled or grilled) with lemon juice and some sweet herbs as desired.

– Vegetables cooked (such as those used to prepare the soup) as desired.

after lunch

– kiwi bean.


– A cup of green tea.

– a Apple.

the Dinner

– Dish of homemade vegetable soup preparation.

– Half a cup of cooked vegetables such as those used to prepare the soup.

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