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Fast and easy dieting

Fast and easy dieting


How to reduce my weight without fatigue and without a difficult diet is what you offer magazine Rajim solution here several easy fevers and reduce your weight a lot may reach up to 10 kilo, you have to choose the program that you find comfort in it and you like the components of his food program.

Dieting is the process of regulating food for the body to get all the nutrients in a balanced manner commensurate with the condition of each individual health, age, nature of work and sex, and the strong will that fights the appetite of food and self-esteem in a specific pattern of food.

First Dieting
An easy and complete diet program known as a 3 day diet

First day

First: Breakfast.

First, drink 2 cups of warm water (ie, before breakfast).

The breakfast consists of a loaf of brown bread or toast with a piece of cheese and a cup of coffee or tea without adding sugar or using one of the alternatives, but with the least possible, most of these products are commercial only and affect the diet.

Second: Lunch.

Anal Toast Gravy with a can of water-washed or non-oiled tuna. A cup of tea or a cup of unsweetened coffee is allowed, but after a two-hour meal.

Third: Dinner.

Grilled or grilled chicken, provided that the skin is removed with 3 tablespoons green beans or one apple.

the second day

First: Breakfast.

Eat one slice of toast or brown bread with a well-boiled egg and a banana fruit. You can take a cup of coffee or tea the way you mentioned in the first day lunch.

Second: Lunch.

Eat 250 grams of unsweetened Quraish cheese with a can of water-washed tuna or non-oiled tuna with a cup of coffee or tea in the same way mentioned above in the fast diet program.

Third: Dinner.

A slice of boiled or grilled chicken breast or roasted or boiled turkey with broccoli, cabbage, carrots and a cup of skimmed yogurt.

the third day

First: Breakfast.

Eat a slice of toast or brown bread with a piece of Quraish cheese without salt and a cup of tea or a cup of coffee as described above. An apple can be taken as a snack after tea for at least 30 minutes.

Second: Lunch.

A brown loaf of bread or a toast steak with a well-boiled egg and a cup of green tea in the same way.

Third: Dinner.

Eat half a can of tuna in the way we mentioned earlier in a fast-paced fast-popping menu with carrot slices and a glass of fresh, non-local orange juice.

This diet, if followed in the way mentioned with increased movement, can cause you to lose about 4 kg in just 3 days. But we always recommend that you consult your doctor or dietitian before following any diet. It should also be noted here that this diet should not be followed for pregnant women, lactating women, children and people with chronic diseases.

Dieting II
Fast and easy dieting in just two weeks, you will notice the difference if you follow the instructions literally, with exercise light as walking, how much sugar can add a few amounts will be mentioned within the subject, and may help dieter to reduce weight from 2-4 kg in two weeks depending on the nature of the body and Adherence to the tips below.
Breakfast: Breakfast is preferred between 7-9.

* A cup of unsweetened green tea or / or black tea.

* Half a small loaf of bread and preferably brown bread.

(You can take only one of the following options with tea and bread and try to diversify every morning for not being bored)

1. Two tablespoons – three tablespoons of sour or plain cheese

2. Two tablespoons of chickpeas with tahini

3. Three-four tablespoons of crushed beans with lemon juice

4. Cut a small cheese

5. Large spoon jam

6. Half teaspoon honey

7. Half a boiled potato with lemon juice
the lunch :

* Vegetable salad dish with lemon and a teaspoon of vinegar daily and can be varied in the authorities and can be listened to in case the lunch dish is not fit

One of the following options can be taken with power:

1. Half a cup of cooked rice with a cup of green beans red white with or without meat

2. Half cup rice with a cup of green bean stew or potato stew

3. Cup rice with vegetables and cut chicken breasts

4. Half a chicken breast with a quarter of a small loaf of bread

5. One and a half cups of chicken soup with oatmeal

6. Kop and a half milk yogurt with a tablespoon of top oats

7. One large pastry piece or two small pieces

You can take one after lunch two hours:

1. Non-local coffee

2. Non-roasted nuts to fill the hand grip

3. Cup and half a boshar

4. A small box of dark chocolate that is not sweetened
Dinner: Dinner is preferred before 8pm

* A cup of green tea or black tea with unsweetened mint or any type of natural juice is not local

With a fruit or a quarter of a small loaf of bread with one of the options mentioned in the breakfast

Tips For Weight Loss Guaranteed Results:

1. Sugar can be added to beverages with a minimum of two teaspoons of sugar

2. Walk for an hour a day or run in the place, taking care to increase the duration every two days

Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day

4. Drink a glass of warm water on the saliva

5. Stay away from sweets, pans and soft drinks is very important in the dieting period

6. Sleep for 7-8 hours in a comfortable and quiet place

7. Drinking herbs such as mint and sage helps lose weight and also helps drink hot lemon in weight loss

The third diet
Diet 1500 calories
Breakfast is 7-8 am

A loaf of thin brown bread or ?? large white loaf or one large bath bread or 2 slices of toast

Vegetable Cup.

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