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Green Appetizer

Green Appetizer

Many women in the Arab world resort to Green Appetizer because it is one of the most important diet systems and programs. Perhaps some of you wonder why we use green apples in particular in this diet?
Green Appetizer
This is because the green apple is one of the most important fruits rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins, so it is one of the most important means that provide the body with the important nutrients needed to function normally during the period of diet, and is a stimulant of the nervous system and laxative of the digestive system, To 100 calories only, and does not contain any fat.

Studies have shown that eating one apple a day reduces calories in the body, helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, helps burn a large amount of fat and saves you from excess weight and obesity, and when you follow the apple diet, the person loses 4 Kg according to his commitment to the diet program.

Green Apples

First day

The first day depends on apple intake only to help reduce the stomach, by eating the equivalent of 1.5 kg apples divided into 3 meals throughout the day.

the second day

– Breakfast: Green apple.

– Meals: 1 apple, green salad with lemon juice and no oil, 2 slices of skimmed cheese.

– Dinner: Green apple.

the third day

– Breakfast: slice of bread, turkey slice, apple fruit.

– Food meal: apple fruit, green salad dish, 2 carrot seeds.

– Dinner: fruit of apples.

the fourth day

– Breakfast: slice of bread, turkey slice, one apple.

– Food meal: 200 grams of tuna without oil, a green salad dish and add lemon as desired.

– Dinner: current glass skimmed, a small amount of corn flakes, one apple.

The fifth and final day of the Green Apples program

– Breakfast: slice of bread, boiled egg, apple fruit.

– Meals: chicken breast with 200 grams of skin skimmed or grilled meat of the same size, a green salad dish, apple fruit.

– Dinner: Any meal can be taken as desired and preferably reduced.

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